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3D STAR by Rachel Katz

Use from 5 to 10 modules for the star. Note: The first time you make this star, you might want to use six or more squares. It will make the final assembly a bit easier.


  1 Begin colored side up. Fold the bottom to meet the top and unfold. Fold the sides together and unfold... 2 Turn over. Fold the bottom point to meet the top and unfold. Repeat with the side points. Unfold. 3 Fold the top down to the bottom. Do not unfold. 4 Pinch as shown and push together. (See next step.)  

  5 Like this. Now press the triangle flat.  6 Fold the top layer of the side points up to the top. Press them flat and unfold them. Then, repeat behind. 7 Separate the layers in front and back. 8 The module is ready.  
1 Tuck all the way in.
2 Like this.

  3 Open top with finger. 4 Push top corners together, pinch then sharpen mountain folds in front and back.  
  5 Add new module. Continue step #1 and step #3 with each module. 6 Connect first module to last in same manner.
3D Star is ready.
  Diagrammed by Katrin and Yuri Shumakov      

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