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BOOT or STOCKING with closed back by Rachel Katz


Put a square of paper on the table so it looks like a diamond.


  1 Fold the left point over to meet the right point. Crease. Unfold. 2 Fold the lower left and right sides up to meet the center crease. 3 It looks like an ice-cream cone. Turn over. 4 Fold the top point down as far as it will go.  

  5 Unfold the triangle you just made. 6 Fold the top point down to the crease. 7 Fold the folded edge down to the crease. 8 Fold the whole top piece over the cone. Crease.  

  9 Fold the bottom point up to the top edge. 10 Put your index finger along the lower edge. Fold the top flap down over your finger. 11 Press it flat. This distance is slightly wider than top band.  

  12 Fold the left and right sides away from you as you fold the model in half. 13 Pick up the model and pinch, as shown. Pull the roe over to one side. Press it flat. 14 Now unfold the top layer.  

  15 Open left pocket and tuck right side in (except toe). 16 Tuck left side into top band. 17 Boot with closed back. 18 Optianal: curl upward and blow into top to round leg.  





19 Here is the completed boot.


Diagrammed by Katrin and Yuri Shumakov


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