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BOX traditional model


Use a rectangle of paper.


  1 Put a rectangle of paper on the table with the short edges on the top and bottom. Fold the bottom edges up to the top. Crease. Unfold. 2 Fold the top edge down to the center crease. Fold the bottom edge up to the center crease. 3 Fold the left side over to meet the right side. 4 It looks like a book.
Crease. Unfold.

  5 Fold the left side to the center crease. Repeat with the right side. Crease well. 6 Open the left and right sides. 7 Fold each outside corner in to the dots, as shown. Be careful! Look at Step 8. 8 Fold the upper layer of paper up over the triangular flaps as far as it will go. Repeat to cover the lower triandles.  
  9 Put your thumbs inside the “pockets” and gently pull apart. 10 Pinch each corner to make the sides stand straight.  
  Diagrammed by Yuri and Katrin Shumakov      

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