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FROG traditional model


Use and index card.


  1Put the card on the table with the short edges at the top and bottom. Fold down the left top corner, as shown. 2 Unfold. 3 Fold down the right top corner, as shown. 4 Unfold.  

  5 Turn over. 6 Fold the top edge down to the bottom of the “letter X.” 7 Unfold. 8 Fold the left side over to meet the right side. Unfold. Turn over.  

  9 It looks like this. 10 Push the two dots together, as shown. 11 Press the top triangle flat.
Now it looks
like a house.
12 On the top layer, fold the left and right side points to the top.  

  13 Fold the left
side in to meet
the center crease.
Repeat with the right side.
14 Fold the bottom up to meet the top. 15 Fold the top layer only, down to meet the bottom. Do not press completely flat. 16 It looks like this. Turn over.  
17 Press down on the frog’s back, then let go. See it jump!


Diagrammed by Katrin and Yuri Shumakov


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