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HIGH HEEL SHOE by Rachel Katz


Begin with square of foil paper white side make dark heel and rear sides.


  1 Fold and un fold. 2 Fold to center. Turn the paper over. 3 Fold to center. 4 Release back layer.  

  5 Fold all layers to meet the left fold-line. 6 Repeat on left top corner. 7 Like this. Turn the paper over. 8 Fold and unfold to establish heel height.  

  9 Tuck sides between layers. 10 Re-fold crease from step 8. (The amount folded up can be adjusted to make the heel higher or lower) 11 Reverse fold heel. 12 Mountain fold the heel over and over to the center...  



  13 Then mountain fold the heel at the center to narrow it further. 14 Turn over. 15 Open out and shape the shoe. 16 Side view.  

17 Adjust heel and style the front to please you.
  Diagrammed by Katrin and Yuri Shumakov      

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