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BOAT/BOX by Rachel Katz

10” paper makes a box 2” square.
Start colored side up for colored Boat.


  1 Fold from bottom to top and unfold it. 2 Fold from left to right and unfold it. 3 Fold and unfold into third, as shown.   4 Fold and unfold into third, as shown.  

  5 Fold and unfold into sixths, as shown. 6 Fold and unfold into sixths, as shown. 7 Turn over. 8 Fold and unfold the corners. Turn over.  

  9 Press at large dots and collapse corners into preliminary bases. 10 In progress... 11 This should be the result. 12 Fold single layer to the corner. Repeat on all corners.  

  13 This should be the result. Turn over. 14 Fold each corner to the center. 15 Mountain fold 2/3 of the hull under on each center corner flap, folding all layers. 16 It looks like this. Turn model over.  

  17 Fold to the center, allowing the hull to pop out. 18 Fold the upper flap over. 19 Fold the corners in. 20 Valley fold to return the flap.  

  21 Repeat steps 17 to 20 on the opposite side. 22 Lift the sides to form the box. Reinforce the creases to shape box.      


Diagrammed by Yuri and Katrin Shumakov


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