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5 squares white sides up.


  1 Valley fold and unfold. 2 Fold right lower edge to meet center crease. 3 Fold top down using fold from Step 2. 4 Fold point to point..  

Joining corner
Pocket in flap.
  5 Mountain fold. 6 Unfold last step. 7 Finished module. Make 4 more.  

  8 Open joining corner and loosen flap as shown. Push corner into pocket. 9 Mountain fold both layers inside as in step 5. (Handle carefully). 10 Joined. Add third module. 11Repeat steps 8 and 9 with remaining modules.  

  12 Handle carefully. 13 Completed. Turn over... 14 Starin' a pentagon is ready.  
  Diagrammed by Katrin and Yuri Shumakov      

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