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4 ½ x 11” paper makes a 4 ½ x 7” pig.
Use monocolor rectangle of paper or start white side up.


  1 Put the rectangle on the table with the short edges at the top and bottom. Fold down the left top corner, as shown. 2 Unfold. 3 Fold down the right top corner, as shown. 4 Unfold.  

  5 Turn over. 6 Fold the top edge down to the bottom of the “letter X.” 7 Unfold. 8 Turn over.  

  9 It looks like this. 10 Push the two dots together, as shown. 11 Press the top triangle
Now it looks like a house. Turn over.
12 Valley fold head down.  

  13 Valley fold ears to
meet at the center.
14 Lift up ears and squash them flat as shown in step #15. 15 Valley fold snout up. 16 Spread and squash the snout. Note location of point x.  
17 Mountain fold shoulders back. Note new location of point x.
18 Add eyes if you wish.  


Diagrammed by Katrin and Yuri Shumakov


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