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STORIGAMI by Rachel Katz



A teaching tale for the traditional simple bunny

Two bunny rabbits climbed the hill (1 - fold into a triangle) to watch the olympics. “It’s not fair,” said the complaining one. “People get to run in the olympics but we never do!” “Never mind,” said his happy friend, we can go down the hill (2 - Open triangle and place crease vertically) and get an ice cream cone. (3,4 - Fold ice-cream cone).

  1 2 3 4  

He was still complaining as he held his ice-cream cone when a runner came by and knocked the ice-cream cone. (5 - Fold “ice-cream cone” [upper triangle] over cone as far as it goes) “I never have any luck, “ said the complaining rabbit. “Never mind,” said his friend. “I’ll give you some of mine. (6 - Fold a small triangle to show above the cone for the tail.)

  5 6 7 8  

(7 - Turn over) “Let’s have our own olympics said the happy rabbit. We have THE TORCH. Let the olympics begin! There is a track (mountain fold), “We can each run from one end to the other and see who is the fastest.” “Okay” said the complaining rabbit as he began to get into a happier mood. “Can I go first? “Sure,” said his friend. So our bunny ran from one end to the other (8 - Fold the bottom point to the tip of the [flame] point to point.) Well,

The rabbit was trying so hard as he ran his race
He was running so quickly he fell on his face

Then “Look at me,” he said with a laugh
And his side rolled over and he folded in half

Then he picked up his head for all to see
Another happy rabbit made with or-i-gam-i !

  9 Mountain fold in
half vertically.
10 Pull up long
triangle and secure with a pinch.


Copyright 1995 Rachel Katz

Diagrammed by Yuri and Katrin Shumakov


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