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STORIGAMI by Rachel Katz



PAPER PUPPET by Rachel Katz

Even with the best illustrations, some people will have trouble with particular steps. To solve this problem, I've given a descriptive name to each step which forms a little rhyming story.

Use a square of paper.


  1 One day as I was putting my book away...
(Valley fold the square in half from left to right. Press it flat ...
2 … and unfold it.) 3 I went into my house and started to play.
(Valley fold the top corners down to meet the middle fold-line.)
4 That’s when I found this...
(Valley fold the paper in half from top to bottom.)


5 envelope and letter. ’Fold me some more,’” it said. ‘You can do better.’

6 I folded the top down and ....
(Valley fold the top corner down to meet the middle fold-line.)
7 made a good crease.
(Press the paper flat.)
8 'Open up! It’s the....
(Unfold the model back to

  9 origami police.’
The envelope and letter.)
10 ‘Now fold it just half-way.’
(Valley fold the top corners down to meet the...
11 ‘No more should you dare.’
sloping fold-lines.)
12 ‘And the bottom ...
(Valley fold the bottom corners up to meet the sloping folded edges, while at the same time...


13 can you see up to where?’
inserting them underneath the top corners as shown.)

14 ‘Then hold it and push it, and here’s what you say...
(Hold the side points, bring them toward each other, and make the middle section of paper rise up along the existing fold-lines.)
15 I can do origami. Hooray! Hooray!‘
(Open and close the side points to make the puppet ‘talk’.)


Diagrammed by Yuri and Katrin Shumakov


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