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STORIGAMI by Rachel Katz



PILGRIM STORY by Rachel Katz
The story is based on a traditional model

In England, first the church dictated how people must live and worship, and then the King took over that function. This was intolerable to many people who decided to set off across the seas to the New World. These people were called Pilgrims.

Begin with a triangle white side up.

  1 Fold the side points up to meet the top point. Unfold. “Oh no” said their parents, “You’re leaving but when?” “We don’t know if we’ll ever see you again.” 2 Fold the top point to the bottom using the fold lines from step #1 as a guide. “We don’t want to bow down to a Queen or King. We must have our freedom, that is the main thing.”  



Turn over.

  3 Re-fold the side points up to the top. They waved to their loved ones on the left and right. As, they held back their tears with all of their might. 4 Fold the bottom point to meet the top of the boat, as shown. The captain raised the anchor, sails were unfurled. And so, the Pilgrims, they sailed to The New World.  


Copyright 2003 Rachel Katz

Diagrammed by Katrin and Yuri Shumakov


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