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STORIGAMI by Rachel Katz



The story is based on a model by Sakata

Jose and Lydia were thrilled to learn that they were going to the rainforest for a week’s vacation. “Imagine all the wonderful creatures we’ll be able to see.” Said Jose.

You can use square of paper colored the same on both sides; otherwise begin with the white side up.



1 Fold side to side and unfold.
They were to stay near the Amazon river


2 Turn over and fold right and left points down to form roof.
in a house built on higher land (note the mountain fold in the middle)


3 Like this. Then turn over.

Not wanting to waste a minute,

4 Bring the folded edges to meet the valley fold (the river) allowing the side points underneath to pop out. Crease flat. 
the children raced outside and ran back to the river making such commotion that the birds all flew out of their hiding places.



  5 Fold the top point down as shown.
Just then, a wise old owl appeared.
He said, “If you want to see the animals,
this is where they live. It is not your home.”

6 Fold the point upward to create a head.
“Remember to respect their habitat and walk softly.”



  7 Lift the bottom edge to meet the vertical
center line (the river).

“Always lift up your foot slowly…

8 Like this. Press flat and then fold outward
as shown.

and place it down carefully.



  9 Repeat steps 6 and 7 with the other foot.
And the animals in the forest will soon
be visible to you.
10 Turn over.
And the children flipped when they discovered...a TURTLE!


Copyright 2003 Rachel Katz

Diagrammed by Katrin and Yuri Shumakov


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